2023 Peterson Ventures LP Conference




You are the architects of the future. For over two decades and across 200+ companies, we’ve stood witness to the fact that people like you are the key differentiator in success. This September, join us alongside other tenacious game-changers who have the optimism and passion to back businesses that make a difference.  

Change Makers, let’s gather.


Event schedule:




Peterson Ventures Fund Updates + CEO Presentations

Gallery Ballroom


Cocktail Reception

Grand Promenade & Terrace


Dinner + Keynote Panel on Artificial Intelligence

Grand Ballroom


Evening Drinks + Open Social

Grand Promenade





Gallery Ballroom



6:30 am Golfing | Meet at the Montage lobby

7:30 am Mountain Biking | Meet at Compass Sports

8:00 am Hiking | Meet at Compass Sports

8:30 am Yoga | Meet in the Wellness Studio



Gallery Ballroom

Keynote Panel on Artificial Intelligence

Josh Wilson

CEO & Co-Founder, Particl

Josh is the CEO and Founder of Particl, an AI platform that uses AI to help brand owners learn what they don’t know about their competitor’s top selling products, pricing strategies and more to benchmark performance and quickly identify profitable opportunities in the market. He has an undergrad degree in Economics and a master’s in Financial Economics.

Kyle Roche

CEO & Founder, GripTape

Kyle is the CEO and Founder of Griptape Leads, a modular open-source framework that allows developers to build and deploy conversational and event-driven AI apps that can access and manipulate data safely and reliably. Previously, he founded 2lemetry (acquired by Amazon) and was a former AWS GM who started and ran IoT, AR/VR, VFX, Nimble Studio, Location Service, and Simulation. 

Stephanie Grayson

Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Cambio

Stephanie is Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Cambio, a software company using data science and AI to automate energy measurement, reporting, and delivery of accretive retrofits for real estate. Prior to Cambio, Stephanie was a commercial real estate investor, helping to build new real estate verticals at KKR and Goldman Sachs where she invested billions of dollars in global commercial real estate acquisitions and financings. She earned an MBA and MS in the Sustainable Built Environment at Stanford and graduated with Advanced Standing from Harvard in three years.

Loren Larsen

CEO & Co-Founder, Videra Health

Loren is the CEO and Co-Founder of Videra Health, a company focused on helping measure and assess health status using video and artificial intelligence. Loren is passionate about augmenting healthcare with machine learning to let patients be seen in a scalable way and ensure critical patient data is extracted that would otherwise be missed in a purely human interaction. He is an expert at developing technology that accurately analyzes human language and emotion. He has a BS in computer science from the University of Utah, and a MS in computer science from Clemson University.

Caleb Hicks

CEO & Founder, SchoolAI

Caleb is the CEO and Founder of School AI. He is an educator, founder, and angel investor with 15+ years of experience in instructional design, learning experience design, educational leadership, and early-stage startups. He founded SchoolAI to build AI-powered tools for teachers and school leaders that make their schools magic by bringing personal AI -powered tools, tutors, and learning activities to every classroom. Caleb also founded and continues to support Factor, a non-profit helping students test drive careers and lifestyles by working with professionals from cool companies like Apple, SpaceX, and the San Antonio Spurs.




Trevor McKendrick

CEO and Co-Founder, Seis

Trevor believes entrepreneurship is the best form of business. His weekly newsletter "How It Actually Works" is read by over 10,000 founders, investors, and executives.

Seis is banking built 100% in Spanish for Spanish speakers living in the US.

Dugal Bain-Kim

CEO and Co-Founder, Lifeforce

Dugal founded Lifeforce in 2022 alongside Joel Jackson, Tony Robbins, and Dr. Peter Diamandis. An Australian-born technology and healthcare executive, Dugal has held leadership positions in finance (including at BlackRock), management consulting, and healthcare technology across three continents.

Lifeforce is a proactive health and longevity company empowering people 30+ to think clearer, feel stronger, and live longer. They combine convenient diagnostics, science-backed nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals, and practical lifestyle support to help adults live at their best for themselves, their families, and their communities.



Ella Zhang

CEO and Co-Founder, Trendsi

Ella is co-founder and CEO of Trendsi, a fashion supply chain solution, revolutionizing how retailers and creators nurture and expand their brands through its agile supply chain infrastructure. Zhang grew up in China where her career began in e-commerce as a manager at Google and Tencent. From there, Ella became an investment principal at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB), where she invested in JD, the Amazon equivalent in China. Zhang came to the U.S. to pursue entrepreneurship and obtained an MBA from Stanford GSB, where motherhood inspired her to empower mompreneurs and founded Trendsi.

Trendsi is a one-stop shop supply chain solution, empowering small sellers to build and scale e-commerce businesses. The turnkey SaaS platform helps sellers source products, manage inventory with no minimums, and fulfill orders. The platform uses just-in-time manufacturing, aided by AI and machine learning, to predict sales and guide product manufacturing, reducing the costs of excess inventory.

Desmond Lim

CEO and Co-Founder, Workstream

Desmond Lim is CEO and Co-Founder of Workstream.us, an automated hiring platform for companies hiring hourly workers. He is a graduate of Harvard and MIT Media Lab, former product manager at WeChat and investor at Dorm Room Fund. He is based in San Francisco.

Workstream is the smarter way to hire and retain hourly workers. Their mobile-first platform automates HR tasks like sourcing, onboarding, managing, and communicating with your workforce. More than 20,000 businesses trust Workstream’s smart technology to hire faster and retain better.


Attendee Directory

Ask me about amateur sailing

We help great people build great businesses.

I love skiing, dogs, and traveling

We help great people build great businesses.

Passionate about mental health, art, and outdoor sports.

Tava makes it easy for your employees to find a therapist.

Family. Faith. Outdoors.

Independent alternatives manager and advisor making long-term investments on behalf foundations.

Investing and operating background. Love/hate relationship with golf.

We help great people build great businesses.

Investor and family man who drives a spec'd up '94 Miata

SLC-based private equity firm investing in healthcare services in the lower-middle market.

Sales and Success professional, side investor.

At Pluralsight, we’re advancing the world’s tech workforce.

Biggest LeBron fan at this conference.

We help great people build great businesses.

Golf fanatic, father of three, Chick-Fil-A's best customer.

Tilled empowers software vendors and SaaS companies to generate revenue from accepting credit cards.

Talk to me about living longer, building health-tech companies, rugby

Lifeforce is a proactive health platform empowering people 30+ to feel better and live longer.

Reformed attorney loving investing and running a family office.

Single family office located in Idaho Falls. Specializes in direct real estate development.

Virginian-turned-Utahn, foodie, skier, and dog rescuer.

We help great people build great businesses.

Experienced entrepreneur, still loving and living life

Investment management

50 analytics articles, exec. ed. courses, consulted widely Ph.D MIT

Graduate Business School

Early-stage Investing at Epic Ventures, Fund investing at Obsidian Ventures

Single Family Office

Family, Mountain H, Snowbird, CRE, Taylormade.

National commercial real estate debt, equity, investment sales.

Private investor, husband/father, sports fan

Private investments advisor and investment firm

Father of 5, Grandpa of 5, Skiing, Pickleball. Startups & Foundations.

Health Catalyst is a provider of data and analytics technology and services.

Outdoor Enthusiast | Stanford MBA | 3 Kids | 1 Wife

Private Credit and Real Estate Investment Firm

Business owner and investor.

Travel management company

Husband, father, seed investor, and ageing hoopster.

We help great people build great businesses.

Talent Ninja with a strong network, proud mom, and a passion for fashion

We help great people build great businesses.

18 year business operator and marketer focused on GTM with amazing teams.

The #1 mental health and wellness app for consumers, businesses, and healthcare.

Golf, Boating, Fantasy Football

We help great people build great businesses.

BYU BA. Westminster MBA. Supply chain & operations. Road biking. Tacos.

Family office focusing on PE, RE, and VC

Husband and father of four, doing whatever they all like

We help great people build great businesses.

Skier and outdoorsman, investor, and avid learner

We help great people build great businesses.

Sun seeker, gym lover and in love with my family

We invest for the future well being of our family.

Investor who has too many hobbies to count, let's go skiing.

Growth Equity Fund

1) Get me outside 2) Doing cool stuff w great people 3) Lucky to know Ben C

We invest in small to mid-size businesses focused on Healthcare Services, B2B and Consumer Products.

Married with 3 children. Most active pre-seed/seed VC investor in Utah.

Peak Capital owns multi-family. Peak Ventures invests in pre-seed/seed stage companies.

Managing Director for Northern Trust in the Salt Lake region.

Northern Trust provides wealth management services for high net worth individuals and families.

Uncomfortably large hands

A/B Testing Platform for Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

Believer when things don't go according to plan, is when adventure begins..

Family Office & Growth Equity Fund

Investor at Peterson Ventures

We help great people build great businesses.

Father, husband, DataFleets founder/COO/CFO (Peterson portco acq in 2021)

Enterprise data collaboration with privacy and security

Been in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 30 years

Clene is a biopharmaceutical company focused on neurodegenerative disease.

Atypical CFO, husband and father of 4 awesome kids

Investment management and family office services

Forner Co Founder and CFO of EnergySolutions and sPower

Family Office

People person, entrepreneur, traveler (often on motorcycle)

BrainStorm's platform drives value and automates end user adoption for ISVs and their customers.

Serve on numerous boards. 5 kids, 8 grandkids. Fitness enthusiast.

We help great people build great businesses.

Father of six, five, and three yr old. Rock climb and play soccer together!

Investing in Seed / Series A software companies

My wife thinks I'm nice.

VC Fund

Enjoy family time, skiing, running, water sports, museums

WTC Utah exists to accelerate growth for Utah companies through international trade and engagement

Former Legal Consultant and Account Manager. ESADE & Fudan MBA Co.2023

Top share of Beer in Japan. Has drink, pharma & health biz, interests in healthcare, biotech, etc.

A loyal "Swiftie" and fan of progressive rock bands from Canada.

We help great people build great businesses.

Father of four. Avid skier then a dilettante of a few other hobbies.

Provides investment management and financial advice to individuals, families, and institutions.

Product engineering leader

Mental Health Network & Technology Platform

Passionate about startups - I seek innovative early-stage firms.

Family Office

BYU graduate. Former Credit Suisse M&A.

We help great people build great businesses.

I solve really hard problems.

Our data platform helps self-insured employers to optimize their health benefits quality and cost.

Former KKR/Goldman real estate investor now leading industry decarb efforts

Cambio automates energy measurement, reporting and compliance for real estate owners and occupants

Advisor, investor, husband/father, woodworker, skier, student

Advisory work with public & private company CEOs. Investor.

Retired PE exec focused on service and making space for outdoor adventures

Global private capital investment manager

Enjoy spending time on boat and playing golf

Institutional money manager specializing in long only Global Small Cap securities.

Orange Theory junkie, golf enthusiast and dad

Direct care practice for foot and ankle pathologies

Huge Taylor Jones fan.

We help great people build great businesses.

Dan Hanks' dad. Woodworker.

Family Office - just me!

Former sales leader at Workstream, Lucid, HireVue

We help early stage founders build repeatable, scalable GTM motions

Hate small talk, love the outside, love and hate golf.

Ex-operator, MD of MergeLane, focused on executive coaching, facilitation via HeySue.com

Father of three. Ski, Mountain bike, Golf, Hike.

Utah-based Family Office investment firm

Lifelong teacher, cofounded Lambda School, and your tinest coinvestor.

We bring personal AI powered tools, tutors, and learning activities to every classroom.

SF / SLC. BYU. M&A / Investment Banking. Qatalyst Partners alum.

AXOM Partners is a new tech-focused M&A Advisory firm, advising companies earlier in their journey

Former athlete, passionate founder, now New Yorker

We turn Credit Unions into FinTechs

Brand-builder, trail runner, alum: Chatbooks, Oprah

We help great people build great businesses.

University of Utah Alum (MAcc program).

Family office that manages a portfolio of venture capital, real estate, and technology companies.

Private Assets team at Jordan Park. Santa Clara University Graduate.

Multi-Family Office

What I lack in intelligence I make up for in curiosity.

Venture Fund

Want-to-be basketball player, drone enthusiast, and amateur fisherman

We help great people build great businesses.

Taylor Jones is my dad...just kidding

We help great people build great businesses.

Investor at Peterson Ventures

We help great people build great businesses.

Third string college football quarterback

We help great people build great businesses.

Investing in Startups


Trying to figure out why some say “life’s long,” others say “life's short.”

Largest real-time health care collaboration network in the US

Mother of five, stylist, tennis player, entrepreneur, and investor.

The authentic backyard baseball

I have been founding, building, and investing in startups for over 15 years

MergeLane invests in high-potential startups & venture capital funds with at least one female leader

CEO. Dad. Sometimes trail runner. Hoping AI will fix my tennis game.

Videra Health is an automated, AI-powered video assessment platform that monitors patient progress.

20+ years in Silicon Valley and now full time in Utah.

Venture Capital

2014 West Point graduate, former Field Artillery Officer and Notre Dame MBA

Family Investment

World traveler having visited 30 countries before 30; up next - Tanzania!

Top 15 global pharma company across Oncology, GI, Neuro, and rare diseases

Graduate of Harvard and MIT Media Lab

Workstream - smarter way to hire and retain hourly workers.

Promoter of clean eating for your pet. Travelling enthusiast. Mother.

Multi-National Pet Food Company

I like to talk about entrepreneurship, guitar, and pickles.

Video messaging app

Investor on private equity team at Peterson Partners

We help great people build great businesses.

Lifelong learner. Passions: family, financial stewardship, fly fishing.

Dallas-based investment management firm and family office seeking compelling risk-adjusted returns

Georgetown & Columbia Business School Alum. Former rower, living in CT

Japanese Investment Company

Former atheist Bible salesman

A bank for Spanish speakers.

Serial and social entrepreneur; live/work in the East but ski in the West.

Single Family Office

I like to restore old cars, ride bikes, and be with my family on a boat

I buy stuff. And sell stuff.

We cut pizza at our wedding instead of cake.

We help great people build great businesses.

Nickelback is my guilty pleasure. Food is my love language.

We help great people build great businesses.

Former private equity manager and CEO, certainly older and hopefully wiser.

Cahoon Capital finances short term, first mortgage loans to real estate investors in New England.

Five Guys is just ok

Joel Peterson family office

Mitsui CD/M&A for 12yrs. IB&Buyout background. Wharton MBA (2008).

Investment and trading conglomerate

Entrepreneur, husband, father. Enjoy golf, cars, beaches. MIT, Stanford.

Logistics Real Estate

Skier, hiker, and ice cream enthusiast

We help great people build great businesses.

Founder Portfolio Advisors, Senior Advisor FS Investments, 13 grandkids

Global Alternative Investment Firm

Investor (CVV), Operator (DownEast), Consultant (McKinsey)

Family Office

4 Adult Children; 10 Grandkids

Consulting/Family Investments

I am active and love nature.

Founded in 1907, the company operates in the alcohol and beverage and the pharmaceutical business.

Former benchwarmer & washed up NFL athlete. Current commercial RE broker.

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

New baby and building a house. I occasionally bike now...

We help great people build great businesses.

I'm hiking the Grand Canyon rim to rim next week. Pray for me.

We help great people build great businesses.

I helped my dad when he lost the use of his hands. Now I help my mom.

Founded by Warren Osborn, a successful serial entrepreneur. Now a family-run investment company.

Following in the footsteps of my late husband, passionate about investing.

Founded by Warren Osborn, a successful serial entrepreneur. Now a family-run investment company.

Mostly retired. I like to ski, mtn bike, hike and paddleboard.


Father of 8. Mtn biking, snowboarding, outdoors, volleyball, investing

Influence.vc is a venture capital syndicate. With expertise in the social media influencer space.

StanfordGSB/Goldman/Founder at Summit Trail Father of 2 Tahoe Skier Biker

Networked Family Investment Office

B2B Marketer Turned Entreprenuer

AI Powered Offline Learning for Kids

Serial entrepreneur and philanthropist

Invests in PE and VC funds and angel investor

Retired Veterinarian. I enjoyed 38 years as a Small Animal Veterinarian.

We had 3 Clinics with 10 Veterinarians working.


We help great people build great businesses.

Chicagoan. Thin crust > deep dish.

We help great people build great businesses.

Love all things outdoors, amateur pizza maker, free time consists of kids' soccer games and dance recitals

We help great people build great businesses.

California transplant, still not used to the winters.

Family Office

Investor, PowerSchool founder, former Apple VP, boating, eFoiling, 5 kids

Family Office

Italian is the best cuisine

Manufacturer and Distributor of Consumer Products

Entrepreneur, venture investor, mentor, and educator

Pre-Seed Venture Fund and Entrepreneur Bootcamp

General Partner at Startup Ignition Ventures, wanna be pro pickleballer 😉

Pre-seed VC investing first checks into promising early-stage tech startups

Investor at Sepio / skiing enthusiast & sports fan / live in SLC w/ fam

Sepio is a Multi-Family Office and Institutional Investment Advisory Firm

Proud husband and father of four. Outdoors and ice cream enthusiast!

NFP is a global benefits, wealth management, and corporate services business

Founder and CEO at Griptape.

Enterprise Middleware for AI Applications

SaaS operator in a previous life

Real estate private lending with a focus on Mountain states

Used to be an avid rower but switched to a soccer spectator with my kids

Japanese trading house (Sogo-shosha)



Photographer, caffeine connoisseur, music enthusiast

We help great people build great businesses.

Enjoy remote living.

Hospital in Southeast Alaska

Family, Adventure, Guitar, and BNA Hot Chicken

Employee Benefits, retirement, wealth, commercial insurance

Recovering accountant, turned SaaS leader, spreadsheet aficionado

Automation of sales compensation calculations

VC and Search Funds. Dad: teen daughter. Seattle.

Search Fund Investor


We help great people build great businesses.

BD Intern with Peterson Partners since Sep 2022.

We help great people build great businesses.

Proud father and grandfather. Very slowly retiring lawyer.

Law firm specializing in corporate insolvency and bankruptcy.

GP at PV, faculty at Stanford GSB, and a former Founder & CEO.

We help great people build great businesses.

Never dull with MTB, snow sports, old landcruisers, 3 boys, and 21 chickens

We help great people build great businesses.

Outside of work I love skiing, water sports and riding motorcycles.

Venture/Growth Equity Fund. High priority on education by providing internships to college interns.

1.Love to visit national parks. 2.Corporate development through VC/PE

Mitsui is a Japanese multinational trading house / conglomerate

Husband, father, engineer, traveler

Family Investment fund

Outside of Nomad, I love burritos, minivans, and most sports with a ball.

Nomad provides financial products, software, and services to small-time landlords.

Serial entrepreneur, investor, dad of 3

Multi-Family Office; Venture Builder

Father, investor, recovering lawyer and bike racer.

Private Investment Fund

Working in PE for Peterson Partners

Private Equity Team of Peterson Partners

NYT daily mini crossword for life.

We help great people build great businesses.

Husband. Father of four. Love to ski and boat with family and friends.

Healthcare-focused, lower middle-market private equity firm

Former Olympic gymnast, current very sub-Olympic mountain biker.

Full Service Private Bank, serving companies and individuals.

Love canyoneering adventures. Donor member of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

BrainStorm's platform drives value and automates end user adoption for ISVs and their customers.

Investor, golfer, baker, triathlete, obsessed with coffee.

Investment management firm investing in VC funds and technology companies.

Highly skeptical of the current alien discovery buzz

Single family office, $1B AUM

I love real estate, construction, my family, hiking, National Parks, Lego

I'm currently a Professor in Construction Management at Brigham Young University

Current focus on family, Boards of Directors and Family Investments

MBA, PhD and Exec Ed Programs. Research on Mfg Strategy and New Product Dev.

TECH CEO, MBA Faculty, Founder/Advisor BYU Cougar Capital - student VC Fund

BYU - Education, Will Ascend - Investments

Start-up founder, investor, and survivor. It’s not as easy as it looks.

Family Office

Moved to the Wasatch Back 7 years ago, no regrets.


Love my privacy!

Family Office

Love working with people on impactful software companies

We help great people build great businesses.

Life is Good and Utah is Amazing

Woodley Real Estate is a full-service boutique commercial and residential real estate firm in Utah

Family of six, avid golfer, problem solver

Venture capital firm focusing on real estate technology with a strategic group of investors